4 Reasons Black Millennials Should Worry About a Trump Presidency

4 Reasons Black Millennials Should Worry About a Trump Presidency

With the election of Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States, black millennials have cause for concern. President-Elect Trump has asked the black community, "What the hell do you have to lose?" Perhaps the four points below can serve as an introductory guide to why black millenials should worry about a Trump presidency.

1. Social Security and Medicare for Our Aging Parents and Grandparents

While Trump pledged during the campaign that he would not cut Social Security and Medicare for America's seniors, he is surrounded by Republican operatives and lawmakers with long ambitions to cut these vital social programs.

The median household income for blacks in 2014 was $43,300. Those type of wages will leave very little money for retirement or the purchase of health insurance, so many black millennials must face the reality that their parents may need government assistance to survive their elderly years with dignity. House Speaker Paul Ryan has perennially pushed a "premium support" program for Medicare which is code for sending seniors into the private insurance marketplace, with a small government subsidy to help them pay for their own insurance. This would be devastating to black families.

2. Criminal Justice Reform

Many black millenials have supported criminal justice reform causes such as reducing ridiculous prison sentences for non-violent crimes and drug offenses, combating police brutality, and fighting hate crime. President-Elect Donald Trump has promised to restore "law and order," which many believe is code for an empowered and untouchable police force, destined to disproportionately mistreat minorities.

Can we really trust Trump's pick for Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, to ensure that police are prosecuted when they wrongfully beat and kill unarmed black men? Sessions was famously deemed too racist to become a federal judge in the 1980s and has a hard line stance against the use of marijuana, despite many states voting to legalize the drug.

3. Military Conflict

Trump has repeatedly promised to "build up" the military, to antagonize countries like China and Iran, and has said he would "bomb the shit out of ISIS."

Military service often falls upon a small segment of poor and minority families. If Trump puts the nation on a collision course for war, we may find that the Selective Service registrations many of us completed to get federal college financial aid, draw us into actually fighting in one of the nation's future armed conflicts.

4. Discrimination, Hate Crimes, and Overt Racism

There has been a spike in racial hate incidents since the election of Donald Trump and as he drives further wedges between American populations, this may continue to surge. Young black millennials, who have been shielded from some of the overt racism our parents and grandparents faced, may confront the resurgence of overt racial hatred in America.

The recent presidential campaign offered no shortage of white Americans willing to attack black and brown Americans both verbally and physically while on camera. A Trump Justice Department can't be trusted to stem the flow of overt racial hatred or to reliably prosecute clear cut hate crime cases, out of their want to end "political correctness."

While we all need to hope for positive outcomes to a Trump presidency, we must also be wary and vigilant. We too are America.


Photo: The Los Angeles Times

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