Clinton Cleared Again in FBI E-mail Probe. The Damage is Done

Clinton Cleared Again in FBI E-mail Probe. The Damage is Done

FBI Director, James Comey, has sent a new letter to Congress indicating that the FBI will not be recommending criminal charges against Hillary Clinton based on the new e-mails that were uncovered on the laptop of disgraced former congressman and super creep, Anthony Weiner. 

Team Clinton, which has spent the last 11 days questioning the motives of the Republican-appointed FBI director, can now put their full attention to getting their voters to the polls on Tuesday.

As we put the email story to bed again, it's important to think about the lasting effects and damage done from the sudden announcement from Comey in the waning days of the campaign.

Millions of early voters have gone to the polls with the FBI investigation in mind. They saw Trump railing against Clinton as the "most corrupt person to ever run for President." It had been suggested that the FBI would only insert itself into the political process this close to an election if it had something damning on Hillary Clinton. Votes against Clinton have absolutely been cast based on what turns out to be a big ball of nothing.

Just two weeks ago, the scent of a Clinton landslide hung in the air and Republicans were just hoping to save the Senate and to protect their majority in the House. The GOP had given up hope for a Trump victory and just wanted to save as many political lives as possible. After all, political lives matter.

The Clinton transition stories began to bubble up in social media. Is Vice President Biden being considered for Secretary of State? He wasn't interested. Hillary's New York City victory party is taking place under a glass ceiling. How symbolic!

Meanwhile, Donald Trump was claiming that the election was being rigged against him, setting up his excuse for what was supposed to be a crushing and humiliating defeat.

With one letter to Congress, James Comey changed all of that. The Republican Party sprang to life, Trump looked like he had gained a second wind, and Team Clinton went on defense, deploying every available surrogate to attack the FBI Director.

The reinvigorated Donald Trump began to shout about Hillary Clinton being locked up for horrible crimes, telling his audiences, "This changes everything!" In fact, it has.

Even if Hillary Clinton wins on Tuesday night, millions of Americans who buy what Donald Trump and the Republican Party are selling, have been whipped up into a deeper "lock her up" frenzy that won't subside in two days or two months. The Republicans who were leaning towards voting for Clinton due to Donald Trump's temperament or the "grab em by the pu**y" video were presented with a brand new reason to vote for Trump.

Those email-influenced votes can't be taken back. James Comey may have cleared Hillary Clinton of any worries about prosecution, but the damage is already done.


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